For now; This is just a place to Talk about Mythology, Games, and Ideas; For now; This is just a or a place to Freely Hangout and Talk With One Another, Debate and Argue With Each Other or even Role Play.
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 Z-Day Apocalypse

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PostSubject: Z-Day Apocalypse    Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:57 am

  • All character sayings must be in quotes("...") and in color,of persons choice[color =...]WORDS WORDS WORDS [/color].
  • All of characters thoughts, actions, feelings should be posted in a LIGHTER color! But in other words BE the Character! this isn't just a RP it's like living a different life.
  • Actions will be posted using stars (*...*)
  • DESCRIPTIONS are necessary to: tell where you are, define your character, your facial expression towards something, etc.
Latecomers are aloud to join but MUST Pm me first for a role.

The RP takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2013. The latest scientists invented an elixir hoping to expand the lifespan of humans. Their invention not only failed but led to a disastrous plague that not only killed many people but brought back the dead!

YOU will be able to choose the name of your character. That is if you are a human. If you would like you can be a zombie but no name is needed. This role can also contain a horde instead of 1 single zombie but remember no GOD-MOD.

Before starting this RP please send me a PM so i can take into account how many people are starting. By doing this I will be able to create and start the beginning of the first RP.

Syaoran as Syaoran
Chocokitty as Kimiko

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Z-Day Apocalypse
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