For now; This is just a place to Talk about Mythology, Games, and Ideas; For now; This is just a or a place to Freely Hangout and Talk With One Another, Debate and Argue With Each Other or even Role Play.
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 Drageloc Magic

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PostSubject: Drageloc Magic   Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:01 am

1) Elemental
a) Fire {manna}
b) Frost {manna}
c) Water {manna}
d) Air {manna}
e) Earth {manna}
f) Plant/poison {manna}
g) Light {manna}
h) Darkness {manna}

2) Arcanes
a) Arcane Energy (AE) {manna}
b) Silver Arcane (SA) (Ask should you wish to use this… it's very complex but after you read about it it's really easy and fun… It's one of my favorites) {manna}
c) Weapon summoning (WA) (pretty much just summoning normal weapons inside one's mind. But they can be creative… just not enchanted) {manna}
d) Telepathy/ Mind Magic {manna}

3) Black Magics
a) Dark matter {manna}
b) Necromancy {Life}
c) Blood Magic (the control of blood from your own body and the ability to use all blood spilt on the ground.. more blood spilt, the more power you have) {Life}
d) Torment Magic (exactly how it sounds… you place an instant pain inside someone's body nerves… acting as though you've damaged them but actually your just messing with their nervous system.) {Life}

4) Holy/ Unholy Magics: (which is spells created by a special prayer, borrowing given power from the god you prayed to… does not always work because it's power from the gods temporarily given to you.. in which if they deem you unworthy to use their power they will not lend it to you.)
a) Protection (holy magic's of defense by creating an aura around the caster and spells that effect the group.. does not work that well without a group to help.) {soul}
b) Restoration (magics that are used for cures and healing.. also used for good luck towards others… Does not work that well or easily when helping one's self instead of others.) {soul}
c) Avenger (magics used offensively to construct damage to protect others.. it will not work in self defense or personal offence) {soul}
d) Symbolism ( using the symbols of the gods to cast spells fast and protect all from evil… best holy magic form in my opinion because it works for both the party and the user.) {soul}
e) The power of prayer (completely useless…. Only works 1/100 times but when it does works.... all hell breaks loose XD) {soul}

5) Demon Magics: (level four demons only… level ten being demon lords)
a) Demon summoning (powerful demons are able to summon other demons)
b) Pentagram Casting {Mix of three}
c) Sin controlling(in which a demon uses your greatest sin and turns it into a way to kill you.. hardly works but it is effective when it does) {Life}
d) Plague (spells that has disease like effects) {Life}

6) Tribal Magics
a) Shamanism {manna}
b) Druid magics {manna}
c) Totem magic ( a form of magic where the player uses handmade, magic totems made out of wood or stone that helps by casting a magic spell that it was made to do.) {Manna
d) Secarran Tribe magic. (a form of magic only used in the Secarran tribe, in which only a select few are allowed to join and learn the sacred arts… this form of magic uses a small portion of one's health and turns it into a mask which will increase one attribute the person chooses, all Secarran masks are different however there are ten different masks one can use, one for each attribute being used… Those of the Secarran tribe cannot use holy magics, black magics or tribal magics. ) {Life & manna}


Life is the ONLY thing worth taking or having without cost, everything else CAN be bought with money...
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Drageloc Magic
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