For now; This is just a place to Talk about Mythology, Games, and Ideas; For now; This is just a or a place to Freely Hangout and Talk With One Another, Debate and Argue With Each Other or even Role Play.
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 Knock Knock

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PostSubject: Knock Knock   Knock Knock EmptyTue Nov 21, 2017 3:22 am

So while going through a list of old bookmarks, I found the link to this website and was overcome with a sense of nostalgia. It's probably futile, but a part of me felt it would be wrong to not post on the site while I'm here, if for no other reason then posterity.

Drakel invited me here years ago, and was an early friend. We'd first met on RoleplayerGuild (prior to it's crash) where, if I remember correctly, I applied to join an RP that Drakel was running. I remember being impressed with the world he had created and it inspired some of the work I did on my own RP universe.

If this forum ever becomes active again, I'd love to join in. If not, then I suppose this is just a something of a shout into the void or a thank you to Drakel.

Drakel, I know I wasn't super active, but you were something of an inspiration. So thank you I guess.

The year was 2017. It was late, much later then was probably healthy, and a young man found himself on the internet. Should he go to bed? Or should he post on a play-by-post website that he hasn't been on in years? The answer was obvious.
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PostSubject: Re: Knock Knock   Knock Knock EmptySat Jul 20, 2019 7:05 am

I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, it's far, far later but thank you so much. It matters to me reading that today. Inspiring to get to work on my realm once more at the least. And while this site is dead. Thank you.

Knock Knock Scaled.php?server=839&filename=tumblrlj4jfijhn61qfc2ue

Life is the ONLY thing worth taking or having without cost, everything else CAN be bought with money...
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Knock Knock
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